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Terminal City Club Skidmore Room

“传承与未来”交流分享(三) 国会议员董晗鹏: 我的加拿大故事

“传承与未来”交流分享(三) 国会议员董晗鹏: 我的加拿大故事
“传承与未来”交流分享(三) 国会议员董晗鹏: 我的加拿大故事


2022年8月03日 15:00 – GMT-7 17:00

Terminal City Club Skidmore Room, 837 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6C 3N9, Canada



About Han Dong

Raised and educated in Toronto, Han, his sister, and his parents immigrated to Canada from Shanghai in the early 1990's. Growing up working at his parent’s 24-hour coffee shop, Han learned the value of hard work, family, and community which ultimately lead him to public service.   In 2019 Han was elected as the Member of Parliament for Don Valley North. He currently serves as the Co-Chair Canada-China Legislative Association, a member of the Standing Committee on Human Resources, Skills, and Social Development and the Status of Persons with Disabilities, and a member of the Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy, and Ethics.   Prior to being elected to the House of Commons in Ottawa, Han served as a Member Provincial Parliament (MPP) at Queen’s Park from 2014-2018, standing up for public education, and consumers rights.   A passionate advocate for our Community, Han has continuously stood up for the residents of Don Valley North, advocating for safer communities, easing traffic congestion, action to combat climate change, and housing affordability. Han has proven that he will never stop working hard to support the residents of our diverse, dynamic, and forward-looking community. Han and his wife Sophie, are the proud parents of Emma and Matthew, and their extra-large dog Seesea.

會議 ID:827 7637 1123



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